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When it comes to ensuring a quick and stress-free relocation project, the experts at Dependable Moving Co are here to address your needs. Located in Lakeland, FL, our company has grown from an unknown local business in 2006 to a premier choice for many people around, thanks to our impeccable services, including:


Moving on your own can easily turn from a thrilling experience, filled with excitement, to a stressful task that you just wish would just end. There are a lot of tiny details and small decisions that go into organizing and realizing a smooth relocation from point A to point B. To make sure that happens, turning to a team of movers with experience, such as us, will help you a lot in moving from your current to your new home or office. Thanks to our years of experience, helping numerous clients with packing, safe transportation, and careful unloading of different items, we are confident about helping your realize your long-awaited move. We have got you covered.

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Moving Service

There are instances where even with a moving company doing all the work for you, your project is still delayed. Whether you still haven’t signed all the paperwork for your new home, need to sort out issues with your current landlord, or have other issues that have left you half-way through your relocation project, considering our storage facility is a great solution. Until your problems get sorted out, we will keep all your valuables in our well-secured storage facility where we promise the utmost safety of all your large and small personal belongings. We guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Contact our company in Lakeland, FL if you are interested in the professional moving and storage services that we provide. You can learn more about Dependable Moving Co and the pros of hiring us, or you can request an estimate on our labor and make an appointment by dialing (863) 815-9829. We look forward to hearing from you. Give us a call today!

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